In 1999-2000, the company designed and built the Blue and Black Marlin open stern semi-submersible heavy transportation vessels. In 2001, Dockwise acquired the company and its fleet, and continues to successfully operate the above-mentioned vessels.

The current majority shareholder, the Arne Blystad Group, decided to re-establish the company in 2004, and in the years 2006-2008, the company took delivery of the converted oil tankers Eagle, Falcon, Osprey and Hawk in quick succession.

Following a mandatory offer in October 2008, the Arne Blystad Group acquired 89% of the company’s shares. The new combined company resolved to change its name from Ocean HeavyLift ASA to Offshore Heavy Transport AS in February 2009.

Heavy lift vessel Albatross, previously a shuttle tanker operating in the North Sea, was converted and delivered in May 2015.

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