MV Alfa Lift

In 2021 OHT will bring to market the largest and most innovative, custom-built offshore wind foundation installation vessel in the World. Alfa Lift will feature a 3,000 t main crane, a 10,000+ m² ‘smart deck, capable of carrying and installing up to 16 XL monopiles or 10 jackets per voyage, and will be able to fully submerge the main deck to a depth of 14.66 m.

Free Deck Length: 148.4 m
Free Deck Area: 8,310 m² main + 1,800 m² fcstl
Accommodation: 100 people

The Alfa Lift is a 51,087 dwt semi-submersible offshore wind foundation installation vessel of Ulstein design. The vessel is currently under construction and will be delivered in 2021.

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