Junior & Senior Project Engineers

About the job
OHT is a specialist heavy transportation and installation contractor, building on Norway’s long and proud heritage in maritime pioneering.

We are taking a massive step into the offshore wind industry’s future, and we want the best talents in our team.

Now we are looking for junior and senior engineers to enhance technical supports across all OHT businesses.

Senior and Junior Project Engineers

One of our significant competitive advantages is the flexibility and versatility of our team members. The right Project Engineer needs to fit right into our team with skills in naval architecture and marine engineering. You will use your creativity and ingenuity to plan projects and be at the center of a team of specialized engineers in marine operations.

Key tasks and responsibilities

All or part of the tasks in the engineering department

Production of;

  • Engineering studies
  • Transport manuals
  • Method statements
  • Lift plans
  • Engineering including
  • Strength evaluation of vessels
  • Stability evaluation
  • Motion behavior calculation
  • Marine operation calculations
  • Skidding and load transfer operations
  • Lifts
  • Time studies and operability
  • Ensure that the operations are planned in a way that maintains the safety of personnel as well as
    minimizes environmental impact
  • Ensure adequate quality and efficiency in own work
  • Operating discussion with operation department
  • Participating in technical meeting with clients
  • Participating under loading/discharging as and when required


A higher technical education in marine technology and/or naval architecture or similar at MSc. Longer relevant working experience may replace education requirements partly.

Personal qualities

The successful candidate will be a self-starter, highly motivated, solution seeker, trustworthy, and reliable. At OHT, we are performance- and interest-based. You must have the curiosity and interest to actively deliver the most elegant solution for the team and our clients. We are looking for a person who is innovative, yet rational and able to focus on workable solutions.

Experience and skills

Below are the desirable, but not required, skills and knowledge in our ideal candidates:

Experience with floating installation offshore is a prerequisite.
Senior/Lead engineer or a junior with a few years of experience.
Engineering skills: excellent understanding of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, marine operation, vessel strength calculations, technical drawings and lifting.

Engineering Software skills:

  • Orcaflex
  • Autoship/Autoload
  • ABB Octopus
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Inventor

Personal skills:

Trustworthy and transparent.
Great time management skills.
Excellent team player and ability to communicate with the team.
Can work independently.
Fluent in English and a Scandinavian language.
Computer skills above average including:
All key Microsoft Office software: Outlook, Excel, Word,
Microsoft online ecosystem (Teams, Planner, SharePoint).

Why apply now?

We foster a work environment that seeks to develop personal growth. OHT actively encourages everyone in our team to progress themselves in the direction that interests them.

Do you want to work with cutting edge technology and participate in installing offshore wind parks around the globe?

Do you want to be part of a work environment that gives you the chance to explore new ideas and technology?

If you can identify yourself with our vision and our list of expectations mentioned above, we would like to talk with you.

Do you want to be part of the growing offshore wind industry? If so, please apply via this link:

Junior & Senior Project Engineers


About OHT

OHT is a specialist transport and installation (T&I) contractor and vessel owner-operator, with a leading environmental focus and a best for project approach.

The company is one of the worlds most experienced heavy transport vessel operators and a leading provider of highly engineered marine transportation solutions with a fleet of five open deck semi-submersible heavy lift carriers: MV Hawk, Osprey, Albatross, Falcon and Eagle.

The addition of specialist offshore wind foundation and turbine installation vessels to the fleet is driven by OHT’s commitment to the offshore wind sector, enabling a complete T&I offering for the next generations of offshore wind farms.

In 2021, OHT will launch their new build vessel Alfa Lift; their first vessel built specifically for the offshore wind market. A heavy installation crane vessel design with semi-submersible heavy transportation capabilities, the Alfa Lift will be world’s largest, custom-built vessel for offshore wind foundation installation and will optimize efficiency for the transport and installation of next generation foundations.

Two jack-up installation vessels will also join the T&I fleet. The first will be delivered in Q2 2023. The jack-ups will be capable of installing the next generations of Wind Turbine Generators (WTG’s).

OHT’s unrivalled fleet of installation vessels will soon start work installing the world’s largest offshore wind farms, building a more sustainable future for the generations to come.

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