OHT, DEME, Global Energy & Port of Cromarty Firth join Moray East to Welcome Arrival Of 10 Jackets to Moray Firth

Edinburgh 21 July 2020:  Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Ltd (known as ‘Moray East’) today welcomed the arrival of OHT’s heavy transport vessel, “Hawk” at Global Energy’s facility at the Port of Nigg.  The vessel arrived with nine wind turbine and one offshore substation platform substructures or ‘jackets’, each standing 75m –  80m high.

The jackets will be offloaded at Nigg, where they will undergo the final preparations before they are loaded onto the jack-up vessel “Seajacks Scylla” which will undertake their installation at sea, more than 25km from shore in the Moray Firth.

Moray East has appointed a consortium of DEME and Smulders for designing, manufacturing and installing the jackets; in turn Global Energy has been subcontracted to provide facilities at the Port of Nigg to support the installation works, and Offshore Heavy Transport (OHT) has been subcontracted for shipping vessel provision.

UK- based Seajacks Ltd has been subcontracted for installation vessel provision.

The Port of Nigg and the Port of Cromarty Firth are providing the onshore facilities from which the offshore installation work will be undertaken.

A total of 103 jackets are being installed  in the Moray Firth to provide foundations for 100 offshore wind turbine generators and three offshore substation platforms.

To get the electricity to customers onshore, three subsea cables  will be laid which will connect the three offshore substations with underground onshore cables at Inverboyndie, and thence to the new substation currently under construction south of New Deer, which will make the power generated available to consumers via the National Grid.

When complete the facility will be capable of meeting the needs of more than 950 000 homes.


Commenting, Moray East Project Director Marcel Sunier said:

“The arrival of these impressive structures at the Port of Nigg gives a striking understanding of the scale of the project which is being undertaken in the Moray Firth and the benefit this brings to the local community. 

“Because we are able to work at such large scale that we have been able to make significant cost reductions in the cost of produced power. The Moray East offshore wind farm will make a major contribution to the post COVID recovery producing plentiful low-cost, low carbon power. 


Ed Maycock, Moray East Substructures Package Manager said:

“Constructing, transporting and installing these massive substructures is a major undertaking, involving co-operation and co-ordination on a global scale, ultimately brought together in the Moray Firth. I would like to thank everyone who has worked together to get us safely and successfully to this point. ” 


Jan Klaassen, Business Unit Director at DEME Offshore said:

“The transport and  installation of the jackets got off to a strong start with the first jacket successfully installed early July. Our dedicated Moray East  project team and all of our partners ensure this complex project stays on schedule by closely coordinated teamwork. We look forward to continue to work together with our partners for the safe and efficient further execution of the project.”


OHT Project Manager, Egil Ismar said:

“It is great to see Hawk arrive at the Port of Nigg, our third heavy transport vessel to contribute to this project. The voyage went very well and thanks to the close collaboration of all parties during the planning, loading and transportation, we are set to reach the halfway point of our role in this project on schedule.”


Global Energy Group Chairman, Roy MacGregor commented:

“It is our continuing desire to make The Port of Nigg an Energy HUB and I am delighted that DEME Offshore recognised that we have the facilities, experience and skills to support them with this extremely exciting project.

“The Port of Nigg is an ideal staging port for the Moray East Project due to its deep-water access and the high ground bearing strength of its quay and storage areas. Great skill is required to safely manoeuvre the massive structures off the Heavy Lift Vessel and into the storage areas.

“Each structure will then be moved back to the quayside storage areas at a later date where they will be lifted onboard the installation vessel which will is already operating out of the Nigg facility. In addition, structures will also arrive at Nigg by Tug & Barge, and will be transferred to the installation vessel for offshore deployment.

”Our strategy over the last few years has been in Energy Transition within a changing and highly competitive marketplace. We have the diverse mix of facilities, people and supply and support companies to meet the requirements of our Clients across multi energy markets.”


Bob Buskie, Chief Executive of the Port of Cromarty Firth said:

“We are delighted that the facilities in the Cromarty Firth are playing such an integral role in the Moray East project. Over £110m has been invested in the area to ensure the Cromarty Firth’s infrastructure, both at Nigg and Invergordon is at the forefront of all the opportunities presented in the Scottish Offshore Wind sector and in turn generating sustainable jobs throughout the region.

“We are excited to work alongside Global Energy Group and extend a warm welcome to Hawk following its arrival into the Cromarty Firth.”

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