Teras Conquest and Teras Conquest 8

Two liftboats, Teras Conquest and Teras Conquest 8 transported by OHT Falcon

OHT Falcon transported two liftboats; Teras Conquest and Teras Conquest 8 for Teras Offshore from South East Asia to West Africa during February and March 2018. The two liftboats were loaded at two different loading locations and both units had protrusion under the bottom increasing the complexity of the project. Teras Conquest was loaded on high steel cribbing frames of 1.65 m with wood added on top to cater for the 1.93 m spudcan protrusion under the bottom of the cargo. Teras Conquest with 800 mm aft thruster protrusion was loaded transversally with lower wood cribbing and with the thrusters protruding over the water next to the vessel’s deck.

“Thanks to great precision by the OHT loadmaster and good cooperation with the Teras crew, both liftboats were loaded safely on to OHT Falcon. The cargos were transported across the Indian Ocean, around the Cape of Good Hope and discharged safely in Luba, Equatorial Guinea.” Teras Offshore stated.

See film from loading of second cargo:

Teras Conquest 8

From Vung Tau, Vietnam to Luba, Equatorial Guinea

Loading 5 February 2018

Length: 59 m, Breadth: 40 m, Leg length: 103 m, Weight: 5,490 mt, Protrusion below hull: 800 mm


Teras Conquest

From Jakarta, Indonesia to Luba, Equatorial Guinea

Loading 12 February 2018

Length: 80 m, Breadth: 48 m, Leg length: 98 m, Weight: 4,810 mt, Protrusion below hull:  1,930 mm


About Teras Offshore

Teras Offshore is a marine logistics and support services company, which currently control a large fleet of ballastable barges, liftboats, jack-up rigs and AHTS. Teras Offshore is owned by Ezion Holdings and have their head office in Singapore.

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