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Alfa Lift design

The OHT engineering team has decades of experience within the industry. Prior to project execution, careful planning is carried out to ensure safe operations. Each project requires a thorough study of technical details to bridge the gap between theoretical calculations and practical solutions. Our engineers are involved throughout the project, and operational procedures are developed in close cooperation with the client and our operation teams.

The Alfa Lift is an installation crane vessel with semi-submersible heavy transportation capabilities. The vessel is designed (patent pending) to install all types of bottom fixed offshore wind foundations and will also transport and install topsides and subsea modules, in addition to other heavy cargoes within oil and gas.

The 56 m beam has been chosen to allow the ship to transfer modules directly from the main deck to the Pioneering Spirit lifting arms or vice versa.

The versatile crane can lift high cargoes from deck as well as install subsea templates. The crane operates in two main modes, either with one main hook of 3,000 mt or with dual hooks of 2 x 1,500 mt. The ship is equipped with a transport system on the main deck to bring the cargo within reach of the main crane and upending tool. Monopiles are never suspended in free air during installation. They are either in their storage position, in the deck mounted transportation system or in the upending tool, which hands the monopile directly into the pile gripper frame.


OHT Alfa Lift Foundation Installation Vessel

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