Environmental Focus

Alfa Lift design

Alfa Lift has been specifically designed to install the largest foundations in the quickest and most efficient manner. In so doing, the vessel will already be reducing the environmental impact of each project by virtue of its speed of operation and efficiencies of scale.

Designed to the very highest environmental standards and fully DNV GL Clean Design compliant, Alfa Lift will have the latest Common Rail Eco-Mapping engines to reduce CO2, Hybrid Scrubbers and Selective Catalytic Reduction (Tier III) to significantly reduce SOx and NOx.

The decision to burn HFO is also driven by the desire to reduce our environmental footprint with Well-to-Wake emissions of CO2 lower than diesel and comparable to HP LNG but with no added release of the far more polluting CH4 into the atmosphere.

In addition, we are investing in a sophisticated battery-hybrid system to further reduce emissions. Alfa Lift will be the world’s largest vessel with this technology.

Alfa Lift is also being built in readiness for future improvements with zero emissions a real possibility and a target for OHT.

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