Heavy Lifting

OHT’s Alfa Lift offers a robust tool for offshore heavy lifting. The crane capacity is an overturning moment of 150,000 t∙m and it is designed for large off lead and side lead angles. Placed on the biggest ship in the installation market, which can submerge to reduce motions, OHT can offer the most robust offshore installation tool.

The new crane features a single hook for 3,000 mt lifts at an outreach of 30 m and a clearance of 105 m under the hook to the main deck. The hook can be split into two hooks of 1,500 mt for lifts that can benefit from individual operation of each hook like an upending operation. It is also possible to make subsea lifts of 1,000 mt down to 300 m. Combine this feature with the submerged main deck, and the ship offers unique benefits.

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