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During 40 days this spring, the M/V Hawk has been sailing with the floating dry-dock ADBS-
In November 2020, OHT’s MV Hawk arrived at the Port of Nigg, carrying her second load of t
The Jack-up barge, JB 118, was transported from Abu Dhabi, UAE to Guangzhou, China by OHT
OHT Albatross successfully transported five wind foundation structures from Spain to Norwa
Two ferries were loaded in Philippines May 2019 on to OHT Eagle and reach Chile after the
OHT Osprey successfully transported the jack-up installation vessel Seajacks Scylla from B
The 14,524 mt CJ 46 jack-up rig, Noble Johnny Whitstine was transported by OHT Eagle from
The 89 x 64 m jack-up rig was loaded in Luba, Equatorial Guinea on OHT Falcon and transpor
OHT Osprey transported the compact semi-submersible (CSS) accommodation unit TEMIS from Si
OHT Hawk transported 6 MCV’s during 2 voyages for Bluewater Shipping from Vietnam to Eston
OHT Osprey loaded the two CJ46 jack-up drilling rigs for Shelf Drilling in Shenzhen, China
The crane barge Gulliver was loaded onto OHT Osprey by float-on method in Hong Kong and tr
July 2017 OHT gathered most of the experienced persons in the company to load four Tarsiut
OHT Albatross loaded 3 x STS cranes by roll-on method in Cork, Ireland and transported to
OHT successfully transported four ultra large jack-up drilling rigs, Invincible, Integrato
The 40,100 mt Cat J jack-up rig, Askepott was loaded in Goeje, Korea summer 2017 and trans
OHT Falcon transported two liftboats, Teras Conquest and Teras Conquest 8 from Asia to
From grounding in the Hebrides, Scotland autumn 2016, the 14,000 mt Transocean Winner had
The 37,215 mt jack-up rig, Noble Lloyd Noble was successfully loaded onboard the largest O
A FPSU mega-block were loaded in Geoje, Korea onboard OHT Osprey and successfully transpor
During Q3 2015 Hawk mobilized to Nantong in China for loading of 15 units of oil barges. T
The two jack-up rigs, Ben Loyal and Ocean Titan were both loaded in Corpus Christi, Gulf o