Engineering Transport

“Congratulations to all for a well prepared & executed job at quite short notice, any issues that arose were easily discussed & efficiently dealt with.”

Andrew Gregory, Director, Harmony Marine

OHT offers tailor made solutions for every transport. Some of the engineers have been in the business since the early days of semi-submersible heavy transportation vessels and have encountered a large range of challenges with all types of cargo.

The team is cross trained and works in a systematic manner with tested in-house tools. This all contributes to OHT’s particular flexibility when it comes to completing jobs on time.

Interfacing with Pioneering Spirit

The beam of OHT’s new heavy transportation and installation ship, Alfa Lift, has been chosen to allow the ship to transfer modules directly from the main deck to the Pioneering Spirit lifting arms or vice versa. Cargo weights up to 48,000 mt can be loaded on the vessel.

With 56 m beam the ship also fills a gap in the heavy transport market. The competition’s medium capacity vessels have beams up to 49 m and the super sized vessels start at 64 m beam.

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