High Grillage

For a large number of jack-up rig designs as well as various liftboats, the spud cans remain under the hull when the legs are fully retracted. This poses a particular challenge during dry docking or dry transport. Rig owners are often faced with long lead time of engineering to build the high grillage and to reduce stability during the ballast operations.

In the last years OHT has transported a large number of cargoes on high grillage. OHT keeps a store of standard grillage frames in strategic locations around the world in order to offer short response time to clients. If the stored grillage is insufficient, a bespoke design can be ready in short time, approx. 3-4 weeks.

As one of the most experienced operators with a special training program for our crew, the execution of our operations is preformed with the least risk to life, environment and assets.

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